House Movers in Dubai

lucky House Movers in Dubai offers you hassle-free services to help you in House movers Dubai. Also we provide other services like Office shifting, Furniture shifting, and villa shifting, including packing service. Packing is the most challenging phase before moving. We came with the solution for packing moving with highly efficient staff in a safe working environment. We also make available the variety of packing boxes to help you pack efficiently before Villa movers in Dubai.

House Shifting in Dubai

Our concept of Safe Moving / House Shifting is a combination of efficiency, convenience and pricing. We have carefully designed our range of safe moving solutions to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Impeccable planning and strong coordination are the hallmarks of a good office / home shifting – at lucky Movers, our focus is to reduce the stress of our clients during the house shifting process. As a leading House Movers in Dubai, we specialize in corporate relocations and office shifting of all sizes by minimizing downtime and finish the shifting with the least amount of disruption possible.

Our people are professionally trained and we harness the power of cutting-edge technology in delivering viable solutions for our clients. For each job, our Project Manager coordinates and supervises the relocation process from start to finish, including managing multiple service providers. We provide you with a single point of contact for immediate answers to every question or concern. The Manager reviews individual services, suggests any third party services required and assists in the numbering system.

By analyzing the client requirement carefully, we recommend the right packing services. The Project Manager also creates a detailed timeline for project completion and explains the proper use of labeling

Best Home Movers in Dubai

LUCKY MOVERS is one of the finest Moving companies in Dubai with excellent services and reliable staff members. We move you through the state and city at an affordable price. Therefore, relocation of your house is not a hard task for us. Therefore, our home movers and packers in Dubai team is professional with years of experience. So NR House shifting is one of the professional Home Movers Dubai. So please call us when you need to move.0559250091—————+971 56 638 3705


House moving is an emotional moment. Not all local movers can understand the emotions behind leaving a place where you have spent so many years as Lucky Movers can understand. Being the professional home movers in Dubai, Lucky Movers understands the emotions involved when moving from home, and we will take care of those emotions just like the stuff we are about to carry. We know the feelings of our customers and understand that every family has their own requirements and needs, so we are here to provide hassle-free, speedy and professional home movers service to our valued customers. Get served from the best house movers in Dubai.


You don’t have to worry about your belongings while moving. With our highly trained professional team of movers, the facility of warehousing, and exceptional transportation, we are able to take care of the packing and moving procedures like no others can. Get served from the best house movers in Dubai. As the trusted service of movers, we believe in providing customer satisfaction prior to anything else. While moving, your belongings will be our responsibility, and your belongings will reach to the destination safe and sound.


We are one of the best and largest house movers in Dubai that has one of the most proficient moving crew that is dedicated to providing their skills to make your relocation process much convenient and mess-free. Being the best movers and packers in Dubai, we never dependent on the temporary moving crew staff who focus on getting their salary instead of following any business rules. This makes Lucky movers the best home moving company.

And that’s not all, To ease the stress of the relocation process, we will appoint the project controller who will take care of the entire projects under its strict supervision. They will take care of the project from the start like the packing process of the goods to loading them in the truck and then transporting, unloading and unpacking them at the destination at the right time. He will take care of the entire project, thus making the Lucky movers the most efficient and fast home shifting company in Dubai.